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Luke Jacomb

Takapuna, New Zealand

Museum/Public Collections:
Alfred University, NY USA Birmingham Museum of Art, Al USA Bowling Green University, OH USA Cleveland Institute of Technology, OH USA Corning Museum of Glass, NY USA Ebeltoft Glass Museum, Demark Maharana of Udaipur, India Milwaukee Museum of Dec Arts(Villa terrace), WI USA Mobile Museum of Art, AL USA Salisbury University, MD USA New Orleans Museum of Art, LA USA Works Museum, OH USA

Work Experience: 1992-95:
Sunbeam Glass/Gaffer Glass (New Zealand) 1995-00: Gaffer Coloured Glass (New Zealand) 2000-01: Gordon Glass studio (Australia) 2001-02: Sunbeam studio (New Zealand) 2002-03: Various glass studios, Seattle (USA).. 2003-04: Corning (N.Y),Pensacola Art Center (Florida). 2004-05: Corning Museum of Glass/ Road show (N.Y) 2005-06: Urban Glass (N.Y), Henry Ford Museum (MI) Corning Museum(N.Y) 2007-Present: Luke Jacomb and Katherine Rutecki design.

Workshops/Conferences. 1998:
New Zealand Glass Arts Conference; Pacific Light, William Morris workshop. 2001: NZ Glass Arts Conference: Cane working demo by Luke Jacomb. 2003: Seattle GAS: Photosensitive demo by Luke jacomb, Freemont Glass. 2006: Corning Museum of Glass: Elio Quarisa, Venetian glass. 2008: Portland GAS: Gaffer Glass

Teaching Experience: 2002:
Beginning glass blowing: Avalon Glass Seattle. 2003: Photosensitive workshop; Pensacola Art Center. 2004: Corning Museum of Glass; Goucher College. 2004: Photosensitive workshop; Kentucky 2004: Alfred University: Photosensitive demo and lecture. 2004: Goucher College: Art and chemistry demo and lecture. 2005: New Zealand, Auckland University: Being a glass artist in America- Lecture 2005: Introduction to Venetian techniques: Belmont Arts Center 2005: Corning Museum of Glass: Beginner glass program for college students. 2005: Urban glass: Photosensitive intensive. 2005: Bowling Green University: Photosensitive demo and lecture + Venetian goblet making with Jeff Mack. 2005: Urban glass: Photosensitive 10-week, BG1 10-week. 2006: Corning Museum of Glass. Summer studio sessions. Photosensitive glass techniques. 2006: Hastings Nebraska College: Demo and Lecture 2006: Appalachian Centre for Crafts: Tennessee Tech. Demo and Lecture 2006: University of Wisconsin: Demo and lecture. 2006: Cleveland Institute of Art: Photosensitive Demo and lecture 2006: Alfred University: Demo and lecture 2006: Salsbury University: Demo and lecture 2006: Chicago hot glass. Venetian glass demo 2006: Hastings College. Dominating the Goblet 2008: Pratt Fine Arts Center. Photosensitive glass and glass chemistry 2008: Pratt Fine Arts Center Seattle. Venetian Goblets.

Exhibitions: 2002:
NZGAS group show (New Zealand) 2003: Glass House, "Canopy" (Seattle) 2005: Robert Lehman Gallery at Urban Glass(New York) 2005: Essenze Gallery, ICFF New York (New Zealand/New York) 2006: Chappell Gallery. "The roaring 40's" (New York) 2006: SOFA expo, Riley gallery. (Chicago) 2006: Royal Cameo gallery. "Renewal" (New Orleans) 2007: Kuivato Gallery. Sedona AZ 2007: SOFA expo, Palette gallery. (Chicago) 2007: Works Museum: Luke Jacomb and Katherine Rutecki. (Ohio) 2007: Morgan Gallery: 2007 GAS group show. (Pittsburg) 2007: Glass weekend at Wheaton Village: Morgan Gallery. 2008: Milford Galleries “Master works”. (New Zealand) 2008: New Orleans Museum of Art “Seeking the light”. (USA) 2008: New Zealand glass invitational. Various NZ museums. 2009: Villa Terrace Museum. (USA) 2009: Canterbury Museum. (New Zealand) 2009: Ebeltoft Glass Museum “Outbreak” (Denmark) 2009: Morgan Gallery: “Vision realized”. (Pittsburg)

Awards/residencies: 2001:
Creative New Zealand Arts Council; Overseas travel grant (Seattle) 2006: Residency at Hastings College, Nebraska. 2006: Residency at University of Wisconsin. 2007: Residency at Cleveland Institute of Art, OH 2007: Residency at Salsbury College. 2007: Residency at Works Museum, OH 2007: Residency at Hastings College, NE 2008: Residency at The glass eye, Seattle WA

Bibliography 2003:
Seattle Times; Young artist breaks through, Sept 15. 2004: Pensacola News Journal: New Zealand Artist, Jan 10-12 2004: NZedge Magazine: Glass Master turning heads in Seattle. 2005: Splash magazine. Artist profile 2005: Downtown magazine. Artist profile 2007: Newark advocate newspaper: Taking art to a new level. June 10th 2007: Sunday star times magazine: Glass act. June 24th. 2008: Glass Quarterly: NOMA “Seeking the light” review. 2008: Arts Quarterly: New Orleans Museum of art magazine. 2008: Glasposten Ebletoft Glass Museum Denmark: Nr. 4. November 2008 Page 11. 2009: Otago Daily Times: Spectacular glass works come to Dunedin. Feb 12th. 2009: Otago Daily Times: Heart of glass. March 5th. 2009: Seeking the light: written by John Webster Keefe. Published by NOMA. 2009: New Zealand Art News magazine: Transparent success. Autumn (Fall) 2009.


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